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Industrial Filtration Equipment

About GFSA Ltd

Company History

Business Ethics

GFSA Ltd was set up and began trading as Goodtech Betex Filtration Ltd from its first premises in Bromsgrove in 1997.

GFSA was originally set up as a member of the Goodtech Group of companies. Goodtech ASA is a Norwegian technology and engineering company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

In 1998 the company changed is name to Goodtech FSA Ltd to reflect group organisation changes and policy.

The company is now a private limited company owned by the present directors after a management buy out in 2000. Although formed as part of a large group, GFSA has always operated independently and maintained full autonomy.

Business Concept

Our business concept is to maximise, own and maintain our own added value activities and technologies utilised into the design, manufacture and supply of our products.

It is our aim to acquire progressive added value in both the products and services we provide to increase profitability.

Mission Statement

Our People

Our business mission statement is to be an internationally renowned company for the supply of quality filters, strainers and flame arresters.

It is our objective to provide total customer satisfaction by providing our customers with a personal total service from receipt of enquiry to full completion and after sales service.

Our People

GFSA believe that our greatest assets are the people who work and are associated with us.

They are at the very heart of the company and it is their competence, motivation, and enthusiasm that will ensure that we achieve our goals and mission. Discrimination has no place in our organisation as we believe in equal opportunities to all regardless of nationality, gender, age, ethnicity or religion.

GFSA are blessed with a high quality workforce who are talented, loyal and motivated to perform, which is key to our on-going success. We encourage our employee’s to develop and achieve their full potential through training programmes and on-the-job development. GFSA encourage the team approach for active involvement and engagement.

Business Ethics

Ethical business conduct is fundamental to the reputation and success of our company and we accept no compromise of our values and policies which can be summarised as follows:

  • Responsibility – we are all personally accountable for our actions and conduct
  • Honesty – there is no substitute for truth and no place for dishonesty
  • Sincerity – we are committed to be transparent, open and straightforward
  • Respect – we value each individual and treat them as we would like to be treated with dignity and thoughtfulness
  • Integrity – words without actions are futile, we say what we do, and do what we say

Laws & Regulations

We are fully committed to comply with the law and regulations wherever we operate and to conduct all business activities with the highest ethical standards both in letter and spirit.

Political Issues & Affiliates

We are not affiliated to any political party and do not make any donations in any shape or form.

Bribery & Corruption

Corruption in any form whether direct or indirect shall not be tolerated. We do not and will not offer improper inducements to anyone nor accept them.

Workplace Environment

We promote and encourage respect and trust within the workplace where each employee is valued as an individual.

We achieve and will continue to improve high performance standards for safety and environmental management through the company.

Each employee has a responsibility to uphold GFSA’s policies and values and are encouraged to identify areas of perceived wrong doing and areas for improvement.


We respect and preserve confidentiality of personal and proprietary information held by the company of all our employees, customers and suppliers.